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Bookworm Effects is a Morgantown, WV-based effects pedal manufacturer. All of our pedals are named after characters in classic/modern literature and feature artwork by amazing WV artists. Check out the Artists page to read more about these wonderful folks.


Aug 3rd 2016 - The Laughing Man Optical Tremolo is added to the shop!

July 13th, 2016 - I was interviewed by Pedal of the Day! Click the image to go straight to it!

July 12th, 2016 - NEW PEDAL! This is the Laughing Man Optical Tremolo. It's name comes from the JD Salinger short story of the same name, and features great work by Dylan Balliett (@dylanballiett on instagram). These will be added to the shop within a month, with a video demo and some proper product photos coming soon as well!

JUNE 29TH 2016 - The one year anniversary date of the Kickstarter being launched! So now I'm launching a website! I'll post all updates in here as well :)

Currently about to release an Optical Tremolo! Keep checking the website for more info!

Bookworm Effects Malta Kano was able to be played at NAMM thanks to TomKat Pedals and Big Ear NYC Pedals!

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